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Are you a physician or the owner of a new private vascular practice looking for an innovative way to optimize and prioritize your workflow without sacrificing patient care?

American Vascular Associates (AVA) provides specialized medical solutions that offer turn-key operations, such as site design and development, center management services, and unique financial partner relationships specifically tailored to the needs of our partners.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to allow physicians and owners alike to access streamlined operational processes with maximum returns on investment. Here’s how:

Reclaiming Time for Your Patients

Business administration responsibilities can easily take doctors away from their patients if they are not adequately managed. The increasing complexity of healthcare resources and technology has made the need for effective medical office operations more pressing than ever before.

With the amount and variety of administrative tasks growing, physicians can quickly become overwhelmed and find themselves spending more and more time on administrative tasks — rather than on patient care.

That’s why American Vascular Associates is proud to offer synergistic center management services that are designed to ensure your practice’s success.

Our experienced team of professionals leverages the latest technologies, such as a state-of-the-art EMR system and software, to provide comprehensive operations for all aspects of your business from staffing to credentialing. We understand the importance of individualized care and strive to provide turn-key solutions that make it easy to manage your practice without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Mastering Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an essential part of any private vascular practice. RCM encompasses a variety of tasks like patient billing, coding, payment collection, and more that all help to secure the financial health of the practice, as well as maximize patient satisfaction.

At American Vascular Associates, we understand that medical practices are unique and require special consideration when it comes to managing the revenue cycle. This is why all of our in-house RCM team members are experts in both professional and technical billing, as well as coding. That is to say, our team ensures that there is no “money left on the table,” all while also ensuring that you never have to lift a finger or grab a calculator.

From payment collection to intake optimization, government contract involvement, and more, we’ll not only see the various processes through on your behalf, but we’ll also provide you with monthly reports and key indicators so that you always know where you stand throughout the cycle.

Establishing Your Brand

At American Vascular Associates, we understand the importance of having a recognizable brand identity when it comes to providing private vascular services. Thus, our team is dedicated to helping you develop an effective business marketing plan that will ensure your practice stands out in the surrounding community.

We specialize in providing both hard-copy and digital options for educational and advertising purposes — such as brochures or newsletter templates — that are tailored specifically to meet your needs. Additionally, our team can assist you with email campaigns, market analysis, and more so that your practice gets noticed by potential patients and referring physicians.

With our assistance, you can be confident that your practice will get the recognition it deserves within your community and beyond.

Overall, here at American Vascular Associates, we know the value of time in the medical profession and strive to ensure that each and every one of our partners is set up for success. Our comprehensive, turn-key approach is designed with your success in mind; with us by your side, you can rest assured that your practice has the resources it needs to sustainably grow!

Whether it’s operational efficiency or marketing tactics, turn to American Vascular Associates for all of your vascular center management needs. So, are you ready to join American Vascular Associates? If so, get started today by contacting our corporate office at (877) 685-3281!

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