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Quality outpatient care and business practices don’t start and end all in the same place; rather, we believe they are a matter of ongoing collaboration.

To learn more about the collaborative model designed and employed by American Vascular Associates, check out our video gallery below! Here, we’ll not only shed more light on our services and mission, but we’ll also provide you with the personal stories of associate physicians, AVA leaders, and more.

Hear from our physician Dr. Dippel
When Dr. Eric Dippel of the Vascular Institute of the Midwest opened his practice and OBL, he knew he wanted to focus his strengths and invest his time in his patients. Thus, he sought a qualified partner that could help to ensure he was operating his practice according to the most efficient and effective business model possible — and that’s when he found American Vascular Associates. Watch below to hear more about Dr. Dippel’s journey with AVA

Pillar 1: Site Location & Development Services
First and foremost, our team is dedicated to supporting our physicians and their practices from the ground up — literally. Watch the video below to learn more about our 225-step turn-key development process, which encompasses everything from site selection to market analysis and more.

Pillar 2: Center Management
We strongly believe the physicians deserve a management system that not only works for their unique center and staff, but can also remove the burden of day-to-day management responsibilities from their shoulders. Watch the video below to find out more about our center management services.

Pillar 3: Revenue Cycle Management
American Vascular Associates specifically employs professionals who specialize in accounting, coding, collections, billing, and more to ensure that physicians are offered a streamlined revenue cycle management process. Hear more about the details by watching the video below.

Pillar 4: Marketing Education/Branding
Patient acquisition involves more than simply opening the doors to your practice/OBL — it requires sufficient branding, as well as the ability to develop a unique voice both in the community and in the marketplace. That’s where we come in. Learn more by watching the video below.

Pillar 5: Joint Venture Partnership
Investing in our associate physicians and centers doesn’t just end with our ability to help them run their overall business. In fact, we also offer the ability to become a financial partner, as we discuss further in the video below.