Business Services

Maximize your professional and personal time with our comprehensive practice management services. By partnering with us, it allows you to concentrate on clinical care so that we can streamline your office procedures. At American Vascular, we set the bar for the highest quality standards for medical practice management.

Our business structures include:

  • Joint ventures
  • Extension of your existing practice
  • Management Service Organization (MSO)

We provide our physician partners with an experienced management team with a proven track record in:

  • Facility identification and development
  • Recruitment and management of staff
  • Highly effective billing and credentialing
  • Compliance – assuring the center meets local, state and federal regulatory requirements
  • Commitment to ongoing physician training and best practices
  • Track and report access care to dialysis centers and nephrologists
  • Develop referral relationships with dialysis centers through our Educational and Awareness Program
  • Cost containment for equipment and supplies (national supply contracts) 
  • Consistent center branding focused on quality and services