American Vascular Network

American Vascular Network
We currently operate 11 Vascular Labs in 8 states: Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, New York, Maryland and Texas. Projected to add 6 to the AVA network by Q1 2019.
Listed is a sampling of AVA's area of expertise

- Facility location and lease negotiations
- A uniquely designed physician & patient friendly Office-Based (cath) Lab
- The hiring of highly qualified and experienced patent care professionals
- State-of-the-Art Equipment, IT, PMS with preferred national pricing
- Preferred Contract Negotiations with health plans
- A national progression of the Continuum of Care
- A Patient Friendly Environment that maximizes comfort, safety, cost efficiency and convenience.
- Day-to-day vascular center management to provide the optimum level of care and service.
- Virtually flawless Revenue Cycle Management and Collections
- As a Joint Venture Partner (if desired) that will become vested in a successful partnership and share the risk